How To Sign Up

15 Dec

Dear Volunteers,

We are pleased to inform you that we have finally figured out how to utilize Sign Up Genius for the five (5) different aspects of the project that need coordination. When you click on this link, there will be five (5) sign-up opportunities that you can utilize as you prepare for the trip and work on the project:

1. Christmas Day Dinner,
2. Making a House a Home,
3. Donations to the Children’s Shelter,
4. Tools for the Construction Projects, and
5. Carpool Coordination.

On each sign-up sheet, there is narrative briefly describing the purpose for each sign up. At the bottom of each of these pages, there is a “Created By” line with a “CONTACT” link at the end. If you have any questions about these sign up opportunities, please send us an e-mail through this “CONTACT” link.

Saludos cordiales y nos vemos pronto!