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Christmas 2012: Email #2

12 Nov

Friends, Volunteers and Supporters of Families Helping Families, Rocky Point, Mexico:


Thank you very much to those who have responded and provided details on participation and financial contribution to this year’s project.  For the rest of you, please take the time to let us know if you are planning on participating physically and financially in the Christmas project.


November 15th is fast approaching and that is the date by which Jared and I need to make final arrangements for the work in Mexico this year.  Many of you are long-time, faithful, returning participants and may be assuming that Jared and I know that you will be there.  However, please take a minute and send me an e-mail about your participation.  Many of you have called Jared and me to let us know you plan on attending in December.  Unfortunately, Jared and I do not remember every phone call and the most important communication about this is to send an e-mail to my office so that Kim Shreeve and I can keep track on our matrix of workers and money.


Thanks again for all your support and please take a minute to confirm your participation and financial contribution by responding to this e-mail address.  Even if you have sent an e-mail to Jared, please be sure and send me a copy so that Kim and I can keep track of these details.  Shortly after the 15th of November and before Thanksgiving, we intend to let everyone know where we are with volunteers and contributions.


Gracias.  Nos veremos pronto.