Christmas 2019

14 Aug

Dear Friends, Supporters and Volunteers of FHF Mexico, Inc.,

Christmas will be here soon and it is time to prepare for FHF’s annual house building project in Rocky Point, Mexico. This will be our 15th year!

Because Christmas is on Wednesday this year, the construction portion of the Christmas 2019 house building project in Rocky Point will begin on Thursday morning, December 26, 2019 and continue through Saturday, December 28, 2019.

We are working on the details for a Christmas Day afternoon service opportunity as well as a Family-to-Family event and our yearly Fiesta. We will let you know more about these events later.

If we utilize all of our tools, equipment and scaffolding, we have the capacity to build four (4) houses at the same time from December 26‑28. Many families have already contacted us to express interest in contributing financially and working on the project this year. In an effort to be fair to those that want to participate, we will accept volunteers that desire to participate in the order in which the financial contributions are received and volunteer worker commitments are made.

We have learned that the ideal number of people working on one house is 40-50 and that the cost to build one house is about $35,000-$40,000. Assuming that each group or family has an average of 5 workers, that would mean we would have approximately 10 groups or families on each house. Consequently, in order to raise enough money to construct one house, each group or family should donate $3,750 or $750 per person so that we will have enough money to completely finish each of the houses. We do not want to start work on a house if there is not enough money available to complete the entire house. Also, if one group or family has more than five workers, that group or family should increase its financial donation by $750 per volunteer worker so we don’t end up with a disproportionate number of volunteer workers and not enough money to complete the house.

Those volunteers that respond with a commitment for workers and send in their financial contributions will be added to this year’s list on a first come first served basis until we reach the maximum capacity. Please send your tax deductible donations, as soon as possible, by check made payable to “ FHF Mexico, Inc.” c/o Ralph Pew, 1744 South Val Vista Drive, Suite 217, Mesa, Arizona, 85204. We prefer that you send an old fashioned check by mail because of the expense associated with credit card or PayPal donations.

After we have the completed list of volunteers for the project, we will send an email explaining details including information about lodging, meals, what to bring, and a detailed itinerary for the week. If you are planning on joining us and do not have a passport, please begin now to obtain one. Crossing the border back into the United States is much less complicated with a passport and the U.S Border Agents will expect you to have one.

Ralph and Jared