Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for more detailed instructions if you are planning to travel down to Mexico this year.

Are birth certificates sufficient to use in crossing the border?

Generally, birth certificates and school identification cards have been sufficient documentation for entry into the U.S. for minor children.

Do the families in Rocky Point need shoes, toiletries, toys, clothes, etc.?

In some cases, yes; however, we believe that the most urgent need for those that live in desperate circumstances is clean water and food. We have started a mobile food bank system funded with donations to FHF Mexico, Inc. In our opinion, your additional financial contributions to this food and water distribution concept is more important than clothes, toys, etc.

Are vaccinations necessary to enter Mexico?

No. You may want to make sure your tetanus boosters are up to date in the event of a job site injury.

Is Mexican vehicle insurance required?

Absolutely YES. Please make sure your vehicles are insured in Mexico and you have the required liability coverage. You can buy insurance online or at the Chevron gas station in Ajo on your way to Mexico.

Can we use U.S. dollars in Rocky Point?

Yes and American bank cards. ATMs disburse funds in pesos which obviously work just fine. The exchange rate various between 11-13 pesos/dollar.

Eagle Scout Projects?

If you are using this service opportunity as an East Project, the name of the sponsoring entity is: FHF Mexico, Inc. and Ralph Pew or Jared Parker can sign any applicable forms or statements verifying that the work was accomplished. Generally, projects to raise money for food and water are more meaningful than clothes.

How Is The Holiday Traffic?

We have found that travel to Rocky Point around Christmas has been calm and not congested.

What Are The Minimum Age Requirements?

Children are welcome. Parents, you are responsible for their safety. Typically 10 years and above are good workers. Younger children tend to gravitate to playing with neighborhood children. The job site has many potentially dangerous attractions to children so be very careful and cautious.