Christmas 2012: Email # 1

13 Nov

To All Friends and Volunteers:


Many great things have happened this year and we are very excited about the future of “FHF Mexico, Inc.”


We are pleased to announce three (3) important items of information:


1.              We have received official notice from the I.R.S. recognizing “FHF Mexico, Inc.” as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization declaring all donations to FHF Mexico, Inc. as tax deductible.  This letter will be posted on our website at


2.              Our Mexican non-profit corporation known as “Casas Perpetuales Parker A.C.” has been formed and is now recognized by the Mexican government.  This Mexican corporation will hold legal title to the houses until final disposition is determined.  It also enabled us to open an official checking account in Mexico.


3.              Since last Christmas, we started and have completed 6 wonderful homes in Puerto Peñasco and completely remodeled and added onto an existing home for a Mexican couple who were blessed with quadruplets this summer.



2012 Christmas Project


Work Dates:  Work on Project – December 26-31, 2012


Financial and Volunteer Hours Goals


  • ·                Raise $80,000
  • ·                150 workers, 4 days, 8 hours per day
  • ·                Complete block walls, interior framing and roof on 3 houses


Preparation Dates


November 1, 2012


Please let me know by November 1, 2012, four important items:


1.              How many workers you will have in Mexico;

2.              When you will arrive


3.              How long you will stay; and


4.              The amount of money you will contribute.  (A good suggestion would be $1,000 per person or $3,500 per family.)


There are absolutely no administrative costs expended from your donations to FHF Mexico, Inc.  The number of houses we build is determined by the amount of money raised.  Please consider donating money or accommodations even if you are unable to physically be in Rocky Point this year.


November 15, 2012


On November 15, 2012, we will determine the total donations received and the number of volunteers committed and, based on this information, enter into a contract with a local concrete contractor to prepare the footings, foundations and septic systems prior to our arrival at Christmas.  Material orders will also be placed at this time for block and framing supplies.  Unlike in years past, this year we will not make commitments and sign contracts for materials and preliminary work based on the hope that financial contributions will ultimately come in.  We will only make these commitments based on the funds we actually have as of November 15, 2012.  Those individuals that respond and commit to work and that have made a financial contribution will receive a follow-up e-mail informing them of the other groups traveling to Puerto Peñasco along with travel plans so those that want to can organize themselves and travel in groups.  This follow-up e-mail will also include a list of small tools and other items individuals can bring for working and to donate for use in future years along with any last minute information.


For those that respond and commit financially and physically to the 2012 Christmas Project, we will provide follow-up details regarding safety, travel tips, accommodations, passports, etc.


Please forward this e-mail to friends and family members that may have an interest in participating (financially, physically or both) in the project.


We look forward to your timely responses and to working with you in this great cause, this Christmas of 2012.


If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us.


W. Ralph Pew

480-461-4670 (office)

602-432-2329 (cell)

[email protected]


T. Jared Parker


[email protected]