Christmas 2011: Email 3

20 Dec

Dear Volunteers,

We ( Ralph and Jared) have just completed the last three days of preparation in Puerto Peñasco. We inspected the two foundations on the east side of town, placed orders for block and lumber and confirmed that we have the necessary tools and equipment for our week long project. We also met with our book keeper, assessed costs to date and available funds, as well as our volunteer man power.  We also made some decisions, and would like to get everyone up to speed.

1. Number of Houses and Volunteers.  Based on the number of volunteers, and so that everyone can participate and have a great experience, we have added a third house project on the west side of town. We have enough money to complete two of the houses and a portion of the third. This was a tough decision but we feel it is necessary so that everyone can have room to work. We usually like to have about 40 people per house. Two of the houses are right next to each other on the east side of town. The following link shows the location:,-113.502528%20%28Puerto%20Penasco%20SO,%20Mexico%29

This link is for the house on the west side of town:,-113.546645%20%28Puerto%20Penasco%20SO,%20Mexico%29

Bottom line is this, all volunteers will be needed. All equipment will be utilized, we will do our best to balance everything between the two sites. We plan to have 80 people on the site with two houses and 40 people on the other. That being said, if you know anyone who can still donate or if you get down here and feel even more excited about the project, more donations are always needed.

2. Equipment.  We mentioned in the last email, equipment that was needed. Those of you who were planning to bring or donate a ladder or wheelbarrow, please do so. However, please don’t go buy one of those things this week as a Christmas Gift for your spouse because you think we need one.  We should be fine. Everything else requested in the last email is the same.

3. Fiesta.  The group party “Fiesta” is scheduled for Wednesday December the 28th at the Mi Familia Restaurant at the Reef. (upstairs from Mare Blu).  Here is the link for the location:,-113.602692 The cost will be $10 per person. This will include dinner and the mariachi band. Please get your money to Ralph or Jared Tuesday morning, or as soon after that meeting as possible so that we can have an accurate count and can make arrangements for the food.

4. Opening Meeting.  The opening meeting will be at the LDS church in Puerto Peñasco on Tuesday the 27th at 8:00am. The church  is located just north and across the street from the large red telecommunication tower which is east of the main road.,-113.537583%20%28Carretera%20Sonoyta-Puerto%20Pe%C3%B1asco,%20Puerto%20Penasco%20SO,%20Mexico%29 If you are concerned about finding the church, a group of volunteers will be departing the Las Palomas entry gate about 7:45-7:50 to go to the meeting.  It is important to attend this meeting.  We will have a short devotional, instructions about safety, make assignments to the  houses, designate the construction leader for each house and meet the recipient families.  We need a piano player that morning so please don’t hesitate to volunteer your talent.

5. Weather.  This past weekend the weather was beautiful for two days with a high of 66. The third day it rained hard, and was unusually cool. Please prepare accordingly.

6. Group Travel.  For those wishing to join the caravan from Phoenix on Monday, December 26, 2011, to cross the border and travel with a group to Rocky Point, we are meeting in the parking lot of Walmart just behind the In-N-Out Burger at the northeast corner of I-10 and Dysart at 11 a.m. See the following link:,-112.339340 We will leave shortly thereafter.

7. Insurance. We strongly urge you to purchase your Mexican vehicle insurance online before you leave.  If we have to wait for everyone to buy insurance in Ajo, It will significantly delay our approval in Rocky Point.

8. Prior E-Mails. Please reread the prior e-mail and take the time this week to make sure you have the gloves, safety glasses and miscellaneous items we asked you to bring with you for the project.

We are anticipating a fabulous year.  You will make new and lasting friendships and discover the joy of the Christmas season serving other.

See you all soon.

W. Ralph Pew

480-461-4670 (office)

602-432-2329 (mobile)

[email protected]

T. Jared Parker


[email protected]